Welcome Guide


Starting out in the city is very daunting, but filled with plenty of opportunities. This guide is here to help you establish a basic understanding of how to use our server to role-play. We want to make starting out as easy as possible so you can engage in our community and enjoy your experience. First of all, we recommend reading our rules (which can be found here). These will tell you the necessary information to allow you to play and make sure other players are treating you fairly. Pressing F9 in-game also reveals controls and baseline rules.

You will start off in the jobcentre in the centre of the city. Your newly created character will start off with $3,000 in your bank account. This must be withdrawn to buy essentials like food and water or a car. All players are entitled to a free motel room at the Pink Cage Motel. Here you can store items, have a place to change outfits and rest. Later on, when you have more money, you can choose to buy properties that are more expensive and exclusive.

Players will receive a welfare check if they are unemployed, but if you want to make money, you’ll need to pick a job at the jobcentre. These jobs also come with regular salaries (approximately every 5 minutes) that will be paid even if the player chooses to not do the job. If the player engages with their profession, they can receive extra money for their labour. For example, slaughterers will receive payment for animals they collect, process and deliver.

All jobs have a salary that pays more than welfare checks. The jobs with the highest salaries tend to be more essential professions, such as the police force or the emergency services. At the moment, emergency service responders are paid the highest salary and they also receive a bonus for the number of resuscitations they perform. Despite not having the highest salary, policemen/women generate money by distributing fines, which can be one of the best ways of generating a legal income.

To apply for whitelisted jobs (like police, EMS, Yakuza etc.), players must first establish themselves as trustworthy, responsible members of the community. These jobs require formal written applications. Depending upon the job and the people responsible for managing them, whitelisted jobs may also require the player to engage interviews, training and trial periods. Don’t worry though, as long as you are a strong, reliable member of the community, chances are you’ll get the job you’re looking for!

Illegal activity does not require the player to select a job. Sites where drugs can be harvested and processed, for example, do not require a specific profession to enable engagement. Bank robberies can be performed by anyone but police and EMS. Everyone can gamble freely at the casino. Some crime syndicates may require an application, but this is usually done in RP through some initiation.