Community and technical rules

C1 - Staff/Player Rules

  1. Please do not take staffing into your own hands. If you believe a play has broken a rule broken a rule, do not disrespect them. Instead, report their behaviour to an owner/manager. This rule also applies when it comes to reporting staff members.

  2. Staff have the ultimate power to adjudicate player disputes. Their decision is final.

  3. If staff believe a player has become too angry and is unable to proceed with RP, they have the power to temporarily ban players before a given situation gets out of hand.

  4. Shouting over staff members or attempting to provoke another player during a staff situation can also result in kick/ban.

  5. If a staff member asks you to do something OOC, for example customising your character properly, please try to do as they have asked.

  6. Impersonating a staff member is not allowed.

  7. An admin may choose to suspend minor rules if they consider them disruptive to the RP scenario and if the players are willing to engage.

  8. Staff who abuse the trust of players or use their privileges in an unintended way will be reviewed. We encourage players to report staff if they feel they have been mistreated. Please privately message either Hoplox or westhead if you want to report a member of staff.

  9. Wasting staff time is punishable.

  10. If you have an issue open a ticket on discord or if there is ample staff online state what you need support with in OOC, spamming 'admin to me' will get you kicked as you have NOT stated when you need support with.

C2 - Player Social Rules

  1. Racism, bigotry, supremacy, sexism and personal attacks out of RP are strictly forbidden.

  2. Comments that can be interpreted as offensive, insensitive or pejorative will not be excused.

  3. Spreading false information about the server or attacking admins for bugs/faults with the server is against the rules.

  4. Using the Mesa RP community to advertise another server will result in a permanent ban.

  5. Dispensing a players' personal information against their will result in a permanent ban.

  6. Please do not impersonate other players. This includes using other players' names (when you are not affiliated with them) to RP a given scenario.

  7. You may only speak English (you can RP that you speak a different language in-game).

  8. New players (players who have less than 10 minutes play time) should not be mugged or taken hostage. New players can consent to this RP if they wish.

  9. Support tickets that intentionally provide false or misguiding information will be investigated and the person responsible punished if necessary.

C3 - Technical

  1. You shall not knowingly stress server resources (e.g. spamming an animation to leave multiple props on the floor).

  2. Any menus/scripthook bypasses/hacks are not allowed.

  3. Exploiting bugs and unintended features is against the rules.

  4. A microphone is required to play Mesa RP.

  5. Camping safezones to rob, mug or capture another civilian is not permitted. Safezones shouldn't be abused.

  6. Do not block job circles and other essential locations (garage, PD, car dealer, job circles and so on).

  7. Any actions that can be considered unethical, exploitative or unintended may be examined by staff, even if they are not explicitly outlined in the rules.

  8. Log off to avoid a scenario.

  9. Please do not use an ASCII name or a name that contains symbols only.

  10. Using donator discount to sell vehicles is prohibited (use this feature only for yourself).

  11. Wall breaches will result in ban.

  12. Players should not sabotage RP using game features.

  13. You cannot negotiate player-to-player transactions that use real-world money.

  14. Legion cannot be used for gang/violent/criminal RP. This could include trading, money laundering, gang meetings/treaties, etc.

  15. Using alternative accounts to evade a ban is against the rules.

  16. Distributing assets across multiple accounts will result in both accounts being wiped.

  17. If you choose to leave the server, we'd appreciate it if you didn't give away all your items/possessions away as this can disrupt the economy.

  18. If you choose to leave the community, please announce your departure in a sincere and responsible way. If you have an issue, it is much more productive to alert a staff member; your departure can have an adverse effect on the broader community. We'd like to resolve issues that make players migrate to other servers, but leaving in a negative way can seriously damage the community, cause unnecessary arguments and promote an unhealthy and toxic mindset.