General RP

RP rules (FailRP, FearRP, Metagaming, etc.)

G1 - FailRP - You shall not perform any unrealistic action.

  1. This includes driving off-road to escape police in a supercar/bike or any vehicle that is unfit for the select purpose.

  2. Wearing unrealistic clothing, e.g. juggernaut suit without having a valid RP reason.

  3. Utilising game features to give you an advantage that you would not otherwise have in real life.

  4. Do not respawn in an RP scenario.

  5. Entering vehicles that spawn at airports/military base/air fields such as planes/helicopters/tanks result in the vehicle being deleted upon entry and a immediate automatic ban.

  6. Duplicating owned vehicles at impounds result in permanent removal of the vehicle and further punishment depending on severity.

  7. Gang initiation: If someone initiates on a member of a rival gang all members of those gangs may engage each other in the next 3 minutes and in a 100 metre radius. (Gangs must be in clearly recognisable clothes (gang associated clothing, vehicles, etc...) Initiation is continued if you have continued eyesight in a vehicle chase. Initiation ends after he/she/they have complied to their demands or 3 minutes after the last gunshot was fired.

  8. Fighting while in jail is not allowed.

  9. Please park your cars correctly at car parks to prevent clutter. If you leave your car on a street or anywhere unparked (especially at Legion Garage) your car will be impounded with no notice.

  10. You shouldn't run away when you have been revived to avoid RP (you'd be weak in real life and police would have already restrained you when you were disabled).

  11. You should not unnecessarily break character.

  12. You should not avoid RP.

  13. Knowingly baiting your captor to encourage them to kill you is considered a breach of FearRP. If your life is at risk, you must do everything possible to ensure your survival.

G2 - FearRP – Your life must be valued.

  1. Obey a kidnapper who has you at gunpoint.

  2. Do not perform an action that would endanger your life knowingly.

  3. RP cannot be used to circumvent this rule; this is power-gaming (e.g. roleplaying that you have a terminal illness and therefore no reason to value your life).

  4. Forcing a vehicle transfer by putting a player under FearRP is not allowed.

  5. Fear-RP relies on numbers. If you are outnumbered, fear your life. If you outnumber a group, you do not have to fear your life. To outnumber another group, you must have weapons aimed at them, therefore proving that you can threaten their lives also. You cannot initiate a death match simply because your gang is bigger, or because more of your gang members are in the vicinity - there must be a significant, measurable threat to life to consider the opposing gang outnumbered.

G3 - Metagaming – Information gathered out of character cannot be used to your advantage.

  1. e.g. using the “U” scoreboard to identify how many Police officers are online then counting the number of police officers you have killed/taken hostage when robbing the bank to know when you are safe.

  2. Using discord job titles to specifically address people in-game.

  3. Speaking on discord or any other third-party chat platform is roleplayed as team radio, comms, Skype, etc.

  4. Using dots or ID’s above players' heads to spot other players; if you cannot physically see another player’s character, you do not know that they are there.

  5. Using out of character chat (/OOC) to gain knowledge that should be gained in RP.

  6. Players must should not distribute drug locations or tell players how to make a certain drug in OOC. This should only be done in RP. There is a guide for new players on the Mesa RP wiki.

G4 - Power gaming – Do not use RP to give yourself an advantage that is not realistically feasible. Do not create a scenario that is impossible for others to RP.

  1. E.g. roleplaying that a hostage is armed with a dead man switch in a bank robbery without showing that you are capable of owning explosives.

  2. Create a situation that is impossible to role-play out of.

  3. Using the /me or /do command to put other users in a situation in which they have no choice or chance to react (e.g. using “/me ties hands” without first initiating).

  4. You shall not deliberately misinform a user using /OOC to gain an RP advantage.

  5. You should not steer RP by threatening to disconnect, by breaking character, by utilising/abusing game features.

G5 - Deathmatch – RDM and VDM without initiation are strictly forbidden.

  1. Deathmatch must not occur randomly: it requires a significant RP reason.

  2. You cannot engage in a deathmatch without proper warning and initiation (verbal).

  3. For example, you cannot, whilst racing towards someone at a high speed, warn the player that you are going to run them over without providing ample opportunity for them to acknowledge what you have said and move out the way.

  4. If someone disobeys an order whilst at gunpoint ensure that they have heard what you have asked them to do and had time to perform the action (players who do not have audio enabled can be killed).

  5. Players should inform a victim that there is a lethal threat before harming them to ensure they comply with Fear-RP.

  6. All violence is prohibited in safe-zones (job centre spawnpoint).

  7. The Police Station is now a non-violent RP zone. Jailbreaks can be done in transport instead.

  8. You should not resort to deathmatch when there is opportunity to roleplay.

  9. Once a hostage dies, the RP scene is considered ended. Hostages must value their lives in all circumstances.

G6 - New Life Rule.

  1. When a player dies they should forget the situation leading to their death and all relevant information. You should forget the 30 minutes before your death if you are forced to re-spawn and 20 minutes before your death if you are revived. This rule does not apply in major RP scenarios and does not mean that criminals can avoid punishment for crimes committed before death, provided the police officer responsible for processing criminals has not died also.

  2. If you die in a major RP scenario (such as bank robberies) you can choose to remember the crimes you have committed.

  3. You can continue to role-play the same character.

  4. If you are revived by an admin, you must also forget your previous life.

G7 - Character Wipes.

  1. If you have not joined the server for 31 days, your character will be wiped at 6 AM. All you have to do is log in once every 30 days if you wish to keep your character. This is to ensure great server performance and remove inactive players. In case of you being away for more than 30 days without access to your PC please open a ticket and inform us, this way we can prevent the wipe from happening.

  2. If your character has been wiped and you join back reasonably close to the wipe date of your character (7 days), you may open a ticket and we may consider compensating according to your playtime and previous information we have (this is a final decision and you should consider yourself lucky to get anything back.)