Job RP Specific

Rules/restrictions for jobs

J1 - CIV/LEO- When engaging with police you shall not:

  1. Log off to avoid fines/jail time.

  2. Use your phone, shoot or perform any other action that requires the use of your hands whilst you are cuffed.

  3. Interrupt or talk over an officer to a point where it becomes impossible for that officer to perform his/her duty.

  4. Role play to circumvent the law (e.g. claiming that you are not human and therefore not subject to the law).

  5. Lie to an officer when they ask how many people are engaged in a bank or store robbery (this is an OOC question pertaining to a rule limiting the number of players involved in a robbery; breaking either rule will result in punishment).

    • You do not have to answer specifically.

  6. Refuse to pull over and drive off unless you have a very valid RP reason to do so. E.G Have a hostage/Car trunk is filled completely with drugs/dirty money, or you yourself have over 10k worth of dirty money. Keep in mind that if you're under gunpoint or have a taser pointed at you, YOU MUST STEP OUT THE VEHICLE.

J2 - CIV- Whilst role playing as a civilian you shall not:

  1. Rules outlined in J1 also apply to this job.

  2. Impersonate law enforcement.

  3. Enter/remain in locations in which you would otherwise not have access to in real life (e.g. the military base, the aircraft carrier) (exceptions for senior police/federal officers).

  4. Knowingly restrict other players from performing their jobs or utilising server features (e.g. blocking a job circle with a vehicle).

J3 - CRIMINAL- Whilst role playing as a criminal you shall not:

  1. Rules outlined in J1, J2 apply to this job.

  2. Mug EMS.

  3. Perform overt acts of crime in front of Police officers whilst they are occupied or unoccupied just to attract their attention. This is cop baiting.

  4. Take the sole police officer on the server hostage (taking the only LEO hostage).

  5. You must have a valid RP reason to take a police officer hostage/hold up (1 Max), e.g. in preparation for a Bank Robbery, A Police Officer is worth 2 hostages in a robbery. Taking Police hostage just to ransom for money is not a valid RP reason.

  6. Rob players for more than $500 (of clean money).

  7. Ransom is limited to $30,000 (this includes the value of weapons, items, etc.) for civilians. Ransom payments must be made in person and in cash.

  8. Criminals should not withhold hostages for an unreasonable length of time without purpose.

  9. Use a repair station whilst in a chase.

  10. Go AFK without warning players involved first.

  11. Steal a police vehicle whilst police are participating in RP, or without initiation.

  12. Use job menu to take equipment from police officers (you can, however, RP confiscating weapons).

  13. Do not kill the Police negotiator without proper initiation and multiple warnings. You are expected to attempt to negotiate to prevent your own death.

  14. The size of families and gangs are limited. Families have a minimum size of 4 and a max size of 6. Gangs have a minimum size of 4 with a max size of 8. This ensure fair game play and to stop everyone in the server forming/joining a single gang. This does not include the official gangs as they’re crime syndicates responsible for vast illegal operations.

  15. AFK Search: All searches must be conducted in roleplay.

  16. Start a bank/store robbery within 20 minutes of restart.

J4 - LEO- Whilst role playing as an LEO you shall not:

  1. Rules outlined in J1, J2 apply to this job.

  2. Engage in criminal activity whilst you still have the Police job (please change it at the jobcentre or ask a member of staff to change it).

  3. Perform any police duty without wearing your uniform, or when using a personal vehicle (this includes role playing as an “undercover” cop).

  4. Use lethal weapons to keep players under FearRP when your life has not been endangered.

  5. Use sirens/ignore traffic laws without proper cause.

  6. Search properties without approval from a senior Police officer.

  7. Abuse the fines system. (Capped to 3 most expensive fines for the situation).

  8. Abuse the armoury system or the ability to buy weapons.

  9. Do not steal civilian cars.

J5 - EMS- Emergency Services rules:

  1. Rules outlined in J1, J2 apply to this job.

  2. EMS shouldn't engage in criminal activity.

  3. EMS cannot revive players who have died in a major RP scenario - this can result in punishment on both sides.

  4. Always wear the uniform provided (there is no female uniform atm),

  5. Always use provided ambulance/EMS vehicles.

  6. Make sure that you advertise your status using /twt when on-duty and off-duty.

  7. Do not farm revive reward money, this is logged and will result in reset of bank account and removal of job.

  8. Do not sell med kits and bandages to other players that you take from the Hospital, this is logged.

  9. Reviving anyone including police at bank robberies is only allowed after the RP situation has a clear victor. Healing is allowed.

J6 - General Whitelisted Jobs

  • If you have been dismissed from any job role by a higher ranking member that is able to do so, you should change job immediately and not change back as the jobcentre roles are removed at next restart. This is a bannable offence and may also result in an account wipe.