Turf War

Guidelines for turf war role play.
War never changes...

Turf war guide:

To start a turf war you must be a leader of a whitelisted gang. Turfs must be held for 20 minutes before they become owned. During these 20 minutes, the turf holders are notified and will come to defend their turf. The price for attempting a turf take over is $50,000. The reward for claiming a turf is also $50,000. All money transactions occur within the gang society economy, meaning no new money is injected into the economy. This means that there is an economic incentive for fighting other gangs, as you can reduce the amount of money in their society accounts.

Losing means you will lose 100k, whether you are attacking or defending.

Each turf provides a passive income, the total that can be earned each day is 125k, this is provided across each paycheck to the gang accounts, if you own 1 turf, you receive 1/9th of the total amount of 125k.

The original turf owners can win the turf war and retain their turf by killing the leader of the holding side. However, if you are on the holding side and kill the leader of the gang that is coming to defend their turf this does not mean you win. You need to hold the turf for the full 20 minutes even if you kill all the other members of the opposing side.


You need the following requirements to start a turf war:

  • Be near a marked rival gang turf

  • Have at least 4 of your own gang members online

  • No ongoing turf war

  • Enough rival gang members

  • The gang leader has to start it

  • $50,000 in the gang account

  • Current turf war times each day: 7PM-11PM UK Time (1 initiation Per Gang Each Day)

To see the turf blips on your map, type /showturfs this will toggle the turf blips on your map.

To start:/turfwar [ID of turf] [Amount of members you want to declare for the war]

Example: /turfwar 3 6 - This command usage starts a turf war at Turf ID 3 with 6 declared members of your own gang. The gang that owns this turf can respond with up to 2 members on top of your declared amount, in this case they can respond with 8 members total.

T1. Turf war rules:

These rules apply in all turf war scenarios, for all nine turfs spread across the map.

  1. You must death match or encourage the other gang to leave in turf war scenarios.

  2. Gangs must defend their turfs.

  3. Gang initiation is presumed during a turf war.

  4. You cannot hide and wait down the counter. This means that if you pass up the opportunity to take a shot from cover/in a hiding position when there is a clear line of sight, or an easy opportunity to kill a rival gang member to intentionally run down the timer, you will be in breach of the rules.

  5. Fear RP, as outlined in G2.5, does not apply. If all of your team mates die, you can defend the turf alone without fearing your life.

  6. Hours during which turf wars can occur will be limited. If turf wars occur outside of these hours, the gang leader will be held accountable.

  7. Gang leaders are accountable for their members in turf war scenarios. They will also receive punishment if their members break the rules.

  8. The use of sniper rifles is prohibited (includes Marksman rifles).

  9. EMS cannot revive players during turf scenarios. You must wait down the timer or use the respawn function.

  10. Try to avoid death match with bystanders. If civilians enter the zone give them a significant warning before you resort to other means.

  11. Gangs cannot trade for turfs (we log all major transactions, so we can see this).

  12. Gangs can come to arrangements concerning the turf dispute (eg. melee only, pistols only, smgs only). These rules must be honoured if agreed upon.

  13. Gangs cannot prevent other gangs from defending their turf. You cannot, for example, take gang members hostage beforehand to prevent them from defending turf.

  14. Similar to banks, you should not initiate a turf war if there is an ongoing RP scenario.

  15. Civilians, who belong to no whitelisted gang, cannot interfere.

  16. Using vehicles to block passages/entrances or blatantly abusing vehicles is not allowed (Vehicles are only to be used for transport reasons and not defensively).

  17. Turfs that have been won may not be contested by any gang until the turf war window opens again (the day afterwards). This is to make sure that the same turf is not contested multiple times in one day, and that gangs have an opportunity to retain a turf. We hope this will promote more diversity in the system.

  18. Whilst this is being implemented, staff will be responsible for managing turf disputes. If they determine that an action is unethical or unfair, they may choose to reverse the outcome of the turf war. This means that staff members can manage scenarios that are not outlined in the rules. This process will be reviewed by other members of staff to ensure the outcome is fair and not abusive.

  19. After a turf war has been declared, only currently gang members with their job set can get involved, e.g if a turf war has been declared and a gang member was set as mechanic, they cannot switch and get involved. (Disconnect members can get involved in certain circumstances, e.g they declared when you only have 3 active members and 1 that was AFK.) We expect a level of honour and sportsmanship to be involved. (If a gang wants to start Turf war with 8 members, and you have 8 members online they should all be set as the appropriate gang job to allow as many players as possible to get involved).

  20. A gang with no turfs will lose its whitelisted status if they refuse to contest turfs for more than 5 days. If gangs go more than 10 days without owning a turf, they will also jeopardize their whitelisted status (this rule is obviously subject to exclusions).

  21. Attempting to claim a turf using a position that is inaccessible, abuses clientside bugs, or otherwise is against the rules.

T2. Turf war zone rules:

  1. The gang that is attempting a turf takeover must stay within the red circle for the first 10 minutes of the turf takeover, the only exceptions for this are for the boat turfs (you can use the whole boat but you all must stay on the boat if you are defending from the turf owners for the first 10 minutes).