Radiance V Installation

We recommend using Radiance V to make the emergency vehicles look bright and sexy. This Installation guide is accurate as of 02/05/2020.

Mesa RP's Emergency Vehicles are designed for use with Radiance V, as a result we recommend that all players use this mod when playing on the server. This isn't mandatory so don't worry if you're playing with us via a toaster.

To make this process easier, we recommend that you use WinRAR to manage the download file.

Download Radiance V

Download the latest version of Radiance V from LSPDFR.

Locate FiveM Application Data

  1. Use WIN+R keyboard shortcut to load Run.

  2. Enter 'appdata'

  3. Navigate to following path


The installation path for FiveM may be different to the one shown above if you specified a different location on install

Keep this Explorer window open as you will need it for later.

Extract Required Radiance V Files

Using WinRAR open the .zip file you downloaded earlier. This folder contains multiple types of config file. In the folder "VISUALSETTINGS" there should be two sub-directories named "Bright" and "Very Bright". Inside each is a file called visualsettings.dat that has different settings for brightness. Chooses which intensity level you would like and copy the 'visualsettings.dat' file into the folder you located in section "Locate FiveM Application Data".

You may now load FiveM and connect to mesa.gg. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff. Thank you for choosing to play Mesa RP.